Ocean Unity

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                The Little Church with a Big Heart


10:45 am

July 16, 2017
John Swanson

July 23, 2017

Eileen Lighthawk

Ocean Unity has relocated temporarily, we meet at Pacific Homes Beach Club, 3339 NE  Avery, Newport, Or.  We gather Sundays at 10:30am with our service starting at 10:45am. Directions and map are available on the Pacific Homes Beach Club website www.pacifichomesbeachclub.com

The OU Book club meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 11:30am at Georgie’s restaurant; book selections are available following Sunday Service or to order call our Church voicemail.

Ocean Unity classes include: “Way of Mastery” at 4p.m. on Tuesday and “A Course in Miracles” Thursday at 11a.m; classes will be held in a private home until further notice.  Call 541 265-3305 for directions. Unity will continue to accept and support all people, teaching and inspiring them to reach their highest good. Our mail forwarding address is Ocean Unity, PO Box 1114, Newport, Or. 97365 For any questions concerning Ocean Unity please contact us at 541-574-6560.   See Ocean Unity on Facebook







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Directions to PHBC Club House

Take Highway 101 north from Newport. The road will narrow as you pass Wal-Mart on the left. Turn right at the next road on your right, 31st street. As you turn, you will see the Pacific Homes Beach Club sign and entry gate. During daylight hours, drive up to the gate and it will open to admit you. Then take the next left, then the next left and then the next right. The Club House is on the left at 3339 NE Avery.
541.574.6560. The service begins at 10:45. PHBC website is www.pacifichomesbeachclub.com

                    "Like waves on the ocean 
                  we are inseparable from the One"