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 A Loving Church with a Big Heart

    Sunday Service

    Rev. Jean Celia

    February  24, 2019

      10:30 a.m.

Living Lent

Join Ocean Unity on Sunday February 24 as Rev. Jean Celia speaks on the approaching season of Lent. While it’s still party time, through Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday, which this year is March 5, let’s try multi-tasking. Feast and then rest. I’ve heard it said about Lent: “Don’t just do something, sit there!” Sometimes the easiest time to make plans about the future is when you’re not there yet. It’s easy to start a diet tomorrow; to make plans and lists and schedules. When tomorrow comes, you have a guide to hold your hand through the transition. Join us this Sunday at Ocean Unity to plan in the midst of the party; to have a foundation to begin our inner journey during Lent.

Unity Worldwide Ministries 2019 Theme is One Humanity, Many Stories.

Unity February Affirmation is “I am a Living, Loving expression of God, right here right now.”

Dr. Dean Shrock will visit us as speaker on March 03, join us as he shares his wisdom of mind, heart, and body.

The Ocean Unity Book Club meets the second Tuesday of every month at Georgie's Restaurant in Newport at 11:30 am. The next meeting is on Tuesday, March 12th. The March book selection, “How to be a Good Creature,” teaches us how to respect the loving animals around us. Written by Sy Montgomery, award-winning author of “the Soul of an Octopus,” this restorative memoir reflects on the personalities and quirks of thirteen animals—Sy’s friends—and the truths revealed by their grace. It also explores vast themes: the otherness and sameness of people and animals; the various ways we learn to love and become empathetic; how we find our passion; how we create our families; coping with loss and despair; gratitude; forgiveness; and most of all, how to be a good creature in the world. Ocean Unity's monthly book club meeting is a time for friends to gather for a relaxing lunch and enjoy a friendly, lively discussion. Lunch is optional of course, and we welcome those who haven't read the book. All Book Club selections, as well as many other metaphysical, spiritual growth, self-help, prayer & meditation, and related titles are available in the Ocean Unity Bookstore following Sunday service around 12:00 Noon and on Thursday 12:30 – 1:30pm and Fridays from 10am to 2pm. 

How can we pray with you? ”Call 1-800-NOW-PRAY or online at available 24/7.


All are welcome at Ocean Unity. We hope you'll join us for Sunday service!