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 A Loving Church with a Big Heart

    Sunday Service

    Joseph Bernard, PhD

    April 21, 2019

      10:30 a.m.

Expanding your Soul's Expression

On Easter Sunday April 21st, Ocean Unity of Newport warmly welcomes Joseph Bernard PhD as our speaker. His talk is entitled "Expanding Your Soul’s Expression" and he will give us four simple and clear practices that will invite your inner divine nature to be expressed in your daily life. Joseph Bernard is a Life-changing coach and is leader of the Yachats Wednesday Evening Meditation held weekly at the Little Log Church in Yachats, Oregon. 

Rev. Jean Celia of Lincoln City, Oregon will speak on Sunday morning April 28th. 

Unity Worldwide Ministries 2019 Theme is “One Humanity, Many Stories.” The Unity April Affirmation is "Being Enough: I rise up and reclaim my true identity as a sacred being.”

The Ocean Unity Book Club meets the second Tuesday of every month at Georgie's Restaurant in Newport at 11:30 am.The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April  9th.The next book club selection for April AND May will be the Voices of Love from the Light: Conversations with 20 Great Souls in the Afterlife. Trance-Medium Philip Burley and hypnotist Dr. Dolores Proiette have created a masterpiece. Like Edgar Cayce, a gifted medium enters a deep state of hypnosis to bring timeless truths from the other side. Would you like to know what Buddha, Jesus, and other great souls would say if they could speak today? Through the extraordinary spiritual channeling of Philip Burley, you can. Their uplifting messages will touch your heart, enlighten your mind, and better your understanding of how to live in our increasingly complex world. Ocean Unity's monthly book club meeting is a time for friends to gather for a relaxing lunch and enjoy a friendly, lively discussion. Lunch is optional of course, and we welcome those who haven't read the book as well. All book club selections, as well as many other metaphysical, spiritual growth, self-help, prayer & meditation, and related titles are available in the Ocean Unity Bookstore following Sunday service around 12:00 Noon and on Thursdays 12:30 – 1:30pm and Fridays 10am to 2pm.

Ocean Unity is located at 407 SW 9th St. in the bright blue building on the corner of 9th and Hurbert. Please access the entrance on Ninth Street. There's convenient free parking in the lot just across the street. We gather at 10:30am with our Sunday service starting at 10:45am.  For further information, please visit our Facebook page or sign up for our weekly e-newsletter emailed each week with information on current speakers, events, and classes at Ocean Unity. To sign up, just email our Webmaster, Ann Baumgardt, at [email protected].

How can we pray with you?  Call 1-800-NOW-PRAY or online available 24/7. 

                                                        All are welcome at Ocean Unity. We hope you'll join us for Sunday service!