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 A Loving Church with a Big Heart

Ocean Unity
Sunday Speakers
March 2019

Dr. Dean Shrock

March 3rd

Dr. Dean Shrock will speak Sunday, March 3, 2019 at 10:30 am on “God is Within.”  While this sounds like familiar Unity territory, please read on.

“What is currently called channeling has existed since the beginning of recorded human history. The process is one in which information, ideas, creative works, and personal guidance come to our minds from a source outside our own selves. This has been called prophecy, oracle, revelation, spirit communication, and inspiration of the muses. These messages have a common theme: God is within,” explains  Dr. Shrock.  

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

March 10th 

Ocean Unity welcomes Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. as our speaker on Sunday March 10, 2019. The title of his talk is “The Joy of a Deeper Connection to Self, Spirit, and All of Life." To live in a deeper connection to our soul/spirit we must be aware of whom we are beyond the chaos of ordinary thoughts. As we explore our higher nature we become more alive and aligned with all of life. Joseph Bernard Ph.D., is currently leader of the Yachats Wednesday Evening Meditation held weekly at the Little Log Church in Yachats, Oregon. 

Dr. Ruth Miller

March 17

Dr. Ruth Miller is best described as a synthesist of all things relevant to consciousness, human potential, and culture. She works with academic institutions, individuals, nonprofits, churches, and small businesses to guide them through the confusion of today's world and into the emerging culture. Dr. Miller is author of a number of insightful books, including Healing from Within and Spiritual Success: A Guide to Daily Practice

Eileen Lighthawk

March 24th

Eileen Lighthawk is a creative catalyst for positive change. She likes to help people unwrap their Presence. Through books, talks, audios, private sessions, classes and meditations, Eileen encourages loving groups and individuals to AmPower their lives and create their dreams. Eileen's messages are always positive, enlightening, and life-affirming.

Rev. Jean Celia

March 31st 

Rev. Jean Celia was a Licensed Practitioner in Religious Science for ten years prior to being ordained in 1998.She shares her words of Spirit as an on-call minister with various congregations, officiates at weddings, enjoys teaching classes and workshops, and facilitates meetings and discussions.Rev Jean and her husband Mike have lived in Lincoln City since 1991.