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 The Little Church with a Big Heart

July & August 2018
Sunday Speakers
Ocean Unity

Mike Daigel

July 1st 

Mike Daigel is the author of Divine Intervention, A Happy Result of Pre-praying.” As an introduction to this topic, he states that,” Many times we walk through life hoping that things will change for the better. What if it were possible that we ourselves could actually do something about that? It can happen and will if one knows the process.His positive attitude is contagious and you’ll always find him looking at an event with a completely different perspective than most others. Optimism is his watchword. 


Paul O'Brien

July 8th 

Paul O’Brien is a successful entrepreneur, author, and founder of the Divination Foundation. He is also host of Pathways, a radio program focused on personal and cultural transformation. Mr. O'Brien is Author of The Visionary I Ching- Book Of Change for Intuitive Decision Making, which is more than a book—it is an advisory tool that will help users manage changes in the age of anxiety and make better decisions regarding career and relationships.

Dr. Ruth Miller

July 15th

Dr. Ruth Miller is best described as a synthesist of all things relevant to consciousness, human potential, and culture. She works with academic institutions, individuals, nonprofits, churches, and small businesses to guide them through the confusion of today's world and into the emerging culture. Dr. Miller is author of a number of insightful books, including Healing from Within and Spiritual Success: A Guide to Daily Practice

Amber Rose Dullea

July 22nd

Amber Rose Dullea is a minister, author, and host of the local radio program “Live your WOW!”  She is also author of From Ow to Wow! - Five Steps to Thriving with Pain. Amber Rose is an inspiring coach, speaker and author and brings an embodied compassion to her work due to living for over a decade with Fibromyalgia and chronic migraines. She combines compassion and humor with her background as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Her nurturing coaching skills support individuals who live with chronic pain to thrive again by finding and living their Wow! 

Rev. Jean Celia

July 29th 

The notion of time is fascinating. There are 24 hours in a day no matter how we choose to spend them. That’s our allotment - whether we’re stressed because we’re late for an appointment or sitting on the deck with no concept of the time. And, while it’s 10:00 pm on December 31 here, in Pennsylvania my Mom is already experiencing the next year. The older I get, the faster time passes, which means that Sunday morning will arrive quite soon, so meet us at Ocean Unity and let’s contemplate time. Be sure to set your watch (it seems odd to say set your phone!) and join us. See you then. 

Eileen Lighthawk

August 5th

Eileen is a creative catalyst for positive change. She likes to help people unwrap their Presence by offering encouragement and support through her national speaking and private counseling. Eileen encourages groups and individuals to “AMpower” their lives and create their dreams. We hope you will join us to hear Eileen Lighthawk whose messages are always uplifting, inspiring, and empowering.

Barb Ryan

August 12

Barb Ryan feels the most important gift we can give ourselves would be to engage in the inner search for peace, love and happiness, which ultimately finds us spiraling toward joy. As a counselor for more than 20 years, Barb has extensive experience helping others move toward happiness. She tells us that she starts every day with the intention of having the most loving interactions with everyone all day long. Barb is author of her inspirational book, Love Loves Fear, published in 2017.

Jennifer Winn Johnson

August 19th

Jennifer Winn Johnson is author of An Awakening Walk: 500 Miles to Self-Love & Acceptance on the Camino de Santiago. This book is a heartfelt narrative of the author's amazing journey along the trails of the famed Camino de Santiago of Spain and its magnificent landscapes and stately cathedrals. Over her 500-mile journey, Jennifer "released her tears of grief and anger, and finally learned to embrace those sides of herself that were banished out of shame, fear, and social conditioning." Her journey of self-exploration culminated in a triumphant deliverance into that wonderfully peaceful state of unconditional self-love.

Rev. Jean Celia

August 26th 

Rev. Jean Celia was a Licensed Practitioner in Religious Science for ten years prior to being ordained in 1998.She shares her words of Spirit as an on-call minister with various congregations, officiates at weddings, enjoys teaching classes and workshops, and facilitates meetings and discussions.Rev Jean and her husband Mike have lived in Lincoln City since 1991.They share their home with their Chihuahuas, Rio and Bella since 1991. 

Dr. Dean Shrock

September 2nd

Dr. Dean Shrock is a resident of Yachats and a frequent speaker in Lincoln County presenting "Living and Thriving, a Mind-Body-Spirit program for Wellness.” He is author of Why Love Heals: Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine and Dr. Orders: Go Fishing. Dr. Shrock is a popular speaker who uses insight and humor to lighten your day. He served as Director Of Mind-Body Medicine for a physician management group of 40 cancer centers. Here he developed and taught a wellness program, which  Penn State University researched and concluded that it improved survival with cancer. His book, "Dr. Orders: Go Fishing" details this program and the insights he gained while teaching it.